Top up smart contract canister

Each NFID Vault is a smart contract running on the Internet Computer Protocol built by the DFINITY Foundation. You can learn more about these by reading DFINITY’s documentation (note: they call these smart contracts “canisters”).

Other blockchain networks will request transaction fee payments from users by default. The Internet Computer Protocol was released with a different model where the smart contract can be “topped up” with gas from which to pay fees. This results in users not needing to pay for every transaction.

There are several ways to keep vaults topped up with gas:

  1. The core team behind NFID Vaults prefer you subscribe to their $4.99/month top-up service, which includes a small fee to keep them working on improvements to the core protocol.
  2. Click on “Top-up” in the “Settings” tab and choose the account from which to top up your vault with gas (either your connected wallet or a vault wallet account)
  3. Top up canister modal with configurable “From” account.
    Top up canister modal with configurable “From” account.
  4. Use another service like the NNS or Cycleops