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We are working on wallet standards for the Internet Computer (the decentralized network that NFID Vaults runs on). Until then (ETA May/June 2024), NFID Wallet will be the only available option.

With NFID Wallet

NFID Wallet is a wallet built by the same team that built NFID Vaults. The difference is that NFID Wallet is exclusively a personal wallet, whereas NFID Vaults is a vault whose access and control can be shared across many different personal wallets.

Learn more about managing your NFID Wallet.

  1. Use an email address or passkey to create or sign in to your NFID Wallet.
  2. Choose to share your NFID Wallet address
    1. If you’re creating a vault, you’ll need at least 0.35 ICP in your wallet
    2. Continuing anonymously will show you an anonymous identifier you can use as a member of another vault. Learn more about vault members.

With Internet Identity

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With Plug

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With Ledger

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